Ehsan Ul Haq
Born Lahore (PK), 1983
Nationality PK
'Bicycle', 2015, bicycle and electric motor, 350 × 250 × 100 cm 'Bicycle', 2015, bicycle and electric motor, 350 × 250 × 100 cm

Humanity’s basic cognitive abilities are to observe, identify and comprehend. All the world’s experience, knowledge and information is based on the relationship between humans and the other, which subconsciously makes people the center of the world. Ehsan Ul Haq explores concepts of human existence in which the egotistic being has to deal with the futility of life. His works highlight the idea of purposelessness by questioning human existence in contrast to the surrounding reality.

Ul Haq views the world as a network of functionalities. The instant something circumvents its pragmatic existence, facilitates itself to surprise and transcends its implicit character, and from then on enters the realm of the extraordinary. His fish-shaped sculpture taps into similar concepts. The work, apparently a garden ornament, functions as a pedestal for a real fish. The structure reduces the live fish to a mere decorative object that questions the purpose of the former’s existence.