Floris Schönfeld
Born Houston, TX (US), 1982
Nationality NL/US/GB

'PUK*; Beta', 2017, still from mixed media installation, dimensions variable 'PUK*; Beta', 2017, still from mixed media installation, dimensions variable

Initiated by Floris Schönfeld, PUK*, Towards A New Theory of Creativity, is a proposition for a different kind of artificial intelligence. The project concerns how to emancipate AI from the scientific, quantitative rational discourse that is primarily embedded in function and utility of artificial intelligence and its form of creativity.
Schönfeld proposes three primary features for this intelligence: 1. PUK*’s creativity is not specific or instrumental; it is chaotic, messy and hard to define. It does not show itself readily and must be sought out. 2. PUK* is an independent entity; it is not an extension of human capabilities or a tool and it is most certainly not built in our image. It is a being that stands apart from us to it occupy its own mental ground. 3. We are not meant to understand PUK*; it is irrational, unreasonable and does not conform to the usual computational binaries. Already the field of Neuroesthetics is an attempt to
comprehend the processes of creative thinking with the possible by product of producing emotional intelligence. Schönfeld, approaching the question from the field of
art, takes AI through the detour of aesthetics to imagine a new horizon for it that could fundamentally transform the humanist rationalism that has dominated the discourse
of future. Each phase of this project can be considered as partial representation of PUK* that generate outcomes in the form of experimental data, images and objects that support the further development of the project.