Jouni Toni
Born Tampere (FI), 1984
Nationality FI
Jouni Toni ()

Jouni Toni’s paintings consist of clearly demarcated color fields. The lack of shading makes them look almost abstract, but their shapes remain recognizable.

The starting point for a painting is a sketch that results from a long process of trial and error, mixing free association, memories, impressions of journeys and the everyday environment. The finished sketch is a compilation of meanings translated into colour combinations and shapes that are relevant, fresh and clear to Toni. When he starts working on the definitive piece, the major decisions concerning composition and overall imagery have already been made and the actual painting process is therefore calm and meditative, focusing on the subtleties of color mixing and materiality.

Toni now also creates animations, as these allow him to serialize variations of a painting, extending it over time as it were.