Lisa Reitmeier
Born Trostberg (DE), 1984
Nationality DE

RijksakademieOPEN 2014
Beeld 1 / 4   work in progress, 2015

Power systems and body structures, rituals and cruelty are the subjects of Lisa Reitmeiers work. Together with the human body, it's integrity and it's modification, these concepts create a constitutiton that questions to what extent the performativity of violence and ritual form the human psyche.
Experimental clash of materials and an emergent working process lead to extensive installations resembling walkable psychograms (a mixture of crime scene, research laboratory, psychoanalysis and intimacy). This performance of materials reveals how the formation of the psyche destroys as well as recreates interpersonal space, leading to both trauma and healing.
Lisa Reitmeier is not interested in categorizing, but in the appearance of dialectic, and marginal conditions, liquidation of boundaries, and the amalgamation of putrefaction and preservation.