Masha Ru
Born Moscow (RU), 1984
Nationality RU/NL
Beeld 1 / 3   'Unborn babies that rule the world', 2014, multi-screen video-installation, variable sizes

Life is a labyrinth which no one has a map for. Masha Ru, a photographer with a PhD in maths, tries to get to a grip on life by relying on the mathematics of things. Ru has been researching the Tzolkin for some time now. This predictive Mayan calendar, based on natural phenomena and astronomy, is cyclic in nature and presents every day as unique. Ru wonders to what extent this device can be applied to her own experiences or for example international news. She questions the extent of freedom in life in personal, abstract videos.
Ru also brings together culture and science in her other work. During RijksakademieOPEN 2013 she presented cups made of a special, edible clay. Although in some cultures eating clay is normal, health issues were raised in Amsterdam. Ru decided to further investigate the matter and is currently conducting chemical analysis of the edible cups in the laboratory.



Eindhoven University of Technology, NL, Mathematical image analysis (PhD)
Photoacademy Amsterdam, NL, graduation with honours (CUM LAUDE) (BA)
Lomonosov Moscow State University, RU, Computational Math. & Cybernetics (MA)

Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, NL
The Bookstore Foundation, Amsterdam, NL, (October-May)

Felloships and stipends
2014 Mondriaanfonds, Beurs Praktijkverdieping
2013 Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Peter Paul Peterich fonds
2013 Mondriaanfonds, Beurs Praktijkverdieping

Shows and performances (selected)
2014 Ram gallery, Rotterdam, NL (group)
2013 RijkOPEN, Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, NL
2013 De Punt, Amsterdam, NL, 'No Land's Men' (group)
2013 Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art. Voronezh, RU, 'Bestiary' (group)
2013 Reframe photography festival, Gallery Pennings, Eindhoven, NL (group)
2013 Tsaritsyno Museum, Moscow, RU, 'First Book' (group)
2013 La Torre Madariaga de Busturia, ES, 'Sounds of the sea', (duo)
2013 Gallery 'Placa', Sveti Lovreč, CR, 'New Beginning' (group)
2012 FNAC Castellana, Madrid, ES, 'Eyephonography #3' (4 artists)
2012 Festival de la photographie de Toulouse, FR, 'MAP Photo' (group)
2012 Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, NL, 'Perfect - Imperfect', curated by Eric Kessels (group)
2012 Museum Maritimo, Bilbao, ES, 'Sounds of the sea', (duo)
2012 OPEN, Amsterdam, NL, 'cow pi', curated by 180 Amsterdam (group)
2012 IMG_SRC gallery, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht, NL,  'image ⊃ source ⊂ sound' (group)
2012 De Balie, Amsterdam, NL, kunstmanifestatie 'Waar blijft de revolutie?', 'Smoothie' (duo show+performance)
2012 The Hague museum of photography, NL, 'TPPA’12' (group)
2012 Kulter, Bolo-k Kunstroute, Amsterdam, NL, 'PICA' (duo show + performance)
2012 The Bookstore, Bolo-k Kunstroute, Amsterdam, NL, 'PICA' (duo show + performance)
2011 Fotogalerie Rotterdam, NL, 'Rotterdam museum night' (performance)
2011 Het Grachtenhuis Amsterdam, NL,  'Gateway to the future' (group)
2011 Water Museum Arnhem, NL, 'Water beweegt je' (group)
2011 The Hague museum of photography, NL, 'TPPA’11' (group)
2010 Trouw Amsterdam, NL, 'Sensitive surface', directed by Elīna Cērpa (performance + group show)
2010 Boterhal, Hoorn, NL, 'Sensitive surface', directed by Elīna Cērpa (performance + group show)
2010 Kunststelling, Alkmaar, NL, 'Sensitive surface', directed by Elīna Cērpa (performance + group show)
2009 TU/e Eindhoven, NL, 'The image and the music' (group)

Publications (selected)
2012 “What is art book?”, Modern language experiment book, group publication, UK
2012  “Two-years contract”, RAW fotomagazine, The Netherlands
2012 “Perfect-Imperfect”, catalogue, curated by Eic Kessels, The Netherlands
2012 “PICA”, HoopDoop magazine, The Netherlands
2011 “Naked and Nano”, VICE magazine, The Netherlands
2011 Moloko+ magazine, Russia
2009 “Insensible addiction” by M. Rudnaya, book, solo publication, The Netherlands

Press (selected)
2013 Tubelight, The Netherlands (Dutch)
2012 HoopDoop magazine - video interview, The Netherlands (English)
2012 See7 magazine, USA (English)
2012 Ukrainian Fist National Channel – news, TV, Ukraine (only available in Russian / Ukrainian)

Public talks & workshops (selected)
2013 Tweespan Mira, Veldhoven, NL, organized by photography groups 'Veldhoeven' and 'Luminos'
2012 WILCO - Conference on Social Innovation, Committee of the regions, Brussels, BE
2012 M17, Kiev, UA, 'Dutch Weekend in M17', (organized by Crea-Pro)
2012 UFW, Kiev, UA, 'Mathematics & Photography / Clothes of the future'
2012 Greter Art Centre, Kiev, UA, 'Design. The New World' project
2012 International Design Society, Moscow, RU, 'Mathematics & Photography'
2011 Cultural night, the Bookstore project, Amsterdam, NL

2013 Coorganizing project NO LAND'S MEN within Dutch-Russian bilateral year
2011-now Community artist in The Bookstore Foundation

PhD Thesis: Automated focusing and astigmatism correction in electron microscopy, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2011, ISBN 978-90-386-2610-9

Book contribution: From scientific instrument to industrial machine
Editors: R. Doornbos, S. van Loo, 2012, Springer, ISBN 978-94-007-4146-1

Presidential Student Award from Microscopy Society of America (MSA)
Best Student Paper Award at International Conference of Applied Mathematics and Engineering, London, GB

Teaching assistance in Eindhoven University of Technology
2N460 – Scientific Computing
2DL04 - Calculus A, pre-master program
6BP00 – Numerical programming

Journal publications
[1] M.E. Rudnaya, R.M. Ochshorn, Sharpness functions for computational aesthetics and image sublimation, IAENG International Journal of Computer Science, 38(4):359-367, 2011
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Conference proceedings
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