Naïmé Perrette
Born Vélizy Villacoublay (FR), 1989
Nationality FR


Using a range of time-based media including animation, video and installation, Naïmé Perrette investigates the role of labour in the construction of young adults' identities. She follows individuals whose lives are shaped by physically or emotionally demanding activities to understand how they arrive to their own sense of empowerment. She conducts immersive research, interacting with isolated groups that are distant from her own experience but with whom she shares a larger cultural framework. Through this contrast she investigates systems of value and gender identity, in order to capture the multiple expressions of social relations and their borders.

In her work I wanna be blind, Perrette portrays a young painter active as a musician in the Melbourne punk scene. He works night shifts as an undertaker, bringing corpses to the Coroner Court. Perrette is interested in the way the different aspects of his life affect each other, questioning the balance between control and vulnerability. The daily presence of the camera reveals his identity by engaging him in a constant shift between a performative attitude and self-reflexive moments. His sensitive observations of the unclothed corpses he handles echo his own feelings of being probed by the filmmaker.
'I Wanna Be Blind', 2015, Video HD, 28 min 'I Wanna Be Blind', 2015, Video HD, 28 min 'Plan d'Ensemble', 2014, video, acrylic glass, ink. 'Plan d'Ensemble', 2014, video, acrylic glass, ink. 'Autarcie Tiger's II', 2014, video, 38 min.
Beeld 1 / 4   'Autarcie Tiger's II', 2014, video, sound, 38 min.