Quynh Dong
Born Hai Phong (VN), 1982
Nationality CH

RijksakademieOPEN 2014
Beeld 1 / 2   'Second Stage Of Beauty', 2014, floor sculpture, 5 x 9 m (photograph Mattie van der Worm)

Quynh Dong presents hyper-worlds, built from cultural stereotypes and clichés, then pushed to the brink of emotional overload. Kitsch is a conscious strategy in Dong’s research.
Over the past ten years, narrative has become less and less important in her work. The theatrical focus has moved away from the actors and towards the setting. The stage has become the true protagonist and video has evolved into light sculpture. The ceramic objects she started making last year can be seen as the next logical step of transferring props from the screen into real life.