Smi Vuković
Born Belgrade (RS)
Nationality CA/RS

RijksakademieOPEN 2014
Beeld 1 / 3  

Biographical events and narrative practices in cultural memory serve as the point of departure for Smi Vuković’s complex world of images. The artist dispenses with graphic representation transforming emotional states into an aesthetic matrix, one that remains encrypted and, not unlike pauses in music, hints at exquisite poetry precisely by foregoing the images.

Vuković never intends the materials used to be pure motif bearers. Instead, they are arranged non-hierarchically in her intuitive experimental laboratory. Cryptic symbols on bright red, chroma-key material are veiled in a white haze. The milky, blurry, once aggressive surface symbolizes forgetting just as do the indistinct, barely identifiable, large format body transfers on photographic paper do.
Extracts from Southern Slavic folklore evolve into sacred, enlarged, surreal accumulators of the past. Snatches of poetry, wrested from their context, provide clandestine flashbacks of personal history.
The central theme of Vuković’s work is perhaps the perception of memory. Not concrete memories of something in particular, but memory as an independent, all-encompassing reservoir of human existence.