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Rijksakademie alumni nemen deel aan 33rd Bienal de São Paulo


33rd Bienal de São Paulo
Sãp Paulo, BR
Affective Affinities
7 september - 9 december 2018

The 33rd Bienal de São Paulo – Affective Affinities seeks to create an alternative model to thematic exhibitions by favouring the artists’ gaze upon their own creative contexts. The event introduces twelve individual projects and seven group shows organised by artist-curators. 



The Slow Bird
Artist-curator: Claudia Fontes (RA 96/97)

For her exhibition titled O pássaro lento [The Slow Bird], Claudia Fontes draws on a metanarrative: a fictional book of the same title whose content is unknown, except for some fragments and a few material remains. Both Fontes and her invited artists present artworks that activate links between the visual arts, literature and translation, through experiences that propose an expanded temporality.

with a.o. Roderick Hietbrink (RA 11/12)


The infinite history of things or the end of the tragedy of one
Artist-curator: Sofia Borges

Sofia Borges’ curatorial project, titled A infinita história das coisas ou o fim da tragédia do um [The Infinite History of Things or the End of the Tragedy of One], explores a collage of mythological references based on philosophical interpretations of Greek tragedy. Her proposal is to investigate the limits of representation and language’s inability to mediate the real.

with a.o. Jennifer Tee (RA 00/01)