Aimée Zito Lema
Born Amsterdam (NL), 1982
Nationality NL/AR
'Paper Memory', 2016, production image
'Paper Memory', 2016, production image 'Paper Memory', 2016 'Paper Memory', 2016

Aimée Zito Lema investigates the way events are remembered and recorded, and how they influence the future. For human beings this concerns experiences and memories; for materials, physical actions also have an afterlife with permanent repercussions. For example, the stones used in lithography contain what are called ghost images. Zito Lema brings these forgotten imprints back to the surface. Paper carries a similar memory. If it ever has been folded, torn or rolled-up, the fibers remember their former state of being. This is comparable to the scar tissue on our skin or soul.

Zito Lema unites human skin and material history in works that deal with memories and traumas in a poetic manner. Here, history quite literally interacts with the body. The results consist of numerous small archival fragments which collectively embody an assemblage, like materialized spectres from the past, shaped and marked by life. (VV)