Danielle Dean
Born Alabama (US), 1982

She, edition 1, 2017, HD video, video still, 3:05 min She, edition 1, 2017, HD video, video still, 3:05 min

In a world economy that never sleeps, the desire for instant gratification and social approval is what fuels the circulation and production of material culture. The visual advertisements that tell us what we want even before our desires have taken shape are omnipresent. Danielle Dean’s carefully constructed video collages and installations examine the long history of product advertisement and image production around material and consumer culture and the interaction with female body within the desire of/for things. More specifically Dean’s focus is the role of the female body within this capitalist structure of image production, which considers desires and emotions as currency. Her carefully researched body of work examines how commercial strategies slip tropes of normativity into social structures, using the seduction of advertisement to propagate homogenized images of the ideal family and (female) body. These commercial strategies are deconstructed in Dean’s video installations, in which the female body is placed in a virtual world inhabited by signs of material culture, in order to renegotiate the interaction between the body and products, in an attempt to reintroduce a sensual experience undefiled by commercial seduction.