Eva Spierenburg
Born Lelystad (NL), 1987
Nationality NL


'Studio view', 2016 'Studio view', 2016

Central to Eva Spierenburg’s work is the body – both alive and dead, or in transition between life and death. Various media interact in her all-encompassing presentation. Colours, forms and motifs reappear in different ways. For example, the depiction of the moment shortly after dying, when the blood stops flowing and the body transforms into an inanimate piece of meat, features in both a drawing and a sculpture. Every work derives from the urgency to find a physical form for the elusive.

The artist increasingly draws from her own emotional life and experiences, trusting these personal images to have universal scope. While her previous work clearly referred to mythology and creation stories, Spierenburg recently started focusing on a more intuitive awareness of her themes. During RijksakademieOPEN 2016 she demonstrates this by covering her studio floor with latex, a material akin to human flesh. Its brittleness echoes life’s finiteness. (JS)