Anderu Immaculate Mali (Immy)
Born Nsambya (UG), 1990

Dear Marcue,

“…Now that it has come back to me, I think we can talk about it. You see, after making Daddy can I play?! and Safe Here, she mentioned something about your playground...”

At the start of 2017, I took to writing to my childhood self between the ages of approximately five and twelve, a journey that started as images of events from childhood times, and then started to manifest in my work. These first-person narratives are partrecollection and part-dream, wrapped up in a speculative literary framework later translated into drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, video, and sound. The juxtaposition of childhood games,  playgrounds, nursery rhymes, songs, and school with experiences of today portrays notions of presence and absence, fragmentation, and the fictions of memory – as well as the psychological drama of an artist striving to archive their being.

“Through this process of writing back to a younger self, Marcue, Mali unveils certain entanglements between language and cultural hegemony. In one of the letters to Marcue, Mali starts to retell a story in English only to later incorporate elements of another story in Lugbara, her mother tongue... it is through this letter-writing practice that she has become aware of the overt conditioning of English education and literacy.”
          —Moses Serubiri

'Marcue’s Photo Album', 2018, video still 'Marcue’s Photo Album', 2018, video still