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Letters to My Childhood - On going
"At the end of February 2017, I started writing to Marcue. To my childhood between the ages of approximately 5 and 12 years. A journey that started as a way of revisiting memories growing up in Uganda. Playgrounds, rhymes, teachers, church, relatives, and housemaids. All these images keep coming back. Some blurry and others clear as day. I write letters to my younger being in a bid to revive childhood memories, which I believe, stimulate my creative process" - Immy Mali.
The letters interact with the complexities of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of memory, which sometimes employs fiction.
“This afternoon I looked at the pictures from my mother’s family album. All the pictures I saw do not have me smiling even once”.
Letters to my childhood continues to create conversation between Immy and Marcue as a way to investigate her being from the fogy memories that exist.
Some of her earlier works Daddy Can I Play?! (2013) and Safe Here (2016) are a reflection on her childhood.
Untitled. Still from play 12.2017. Untitled. Still from play 12.2017.