Jisun Kim ()

Made in No Man's Land

In midstream of Panj River, which runs along the borders between Afghanistan and Tajikistan, exists a piece of floating land where a weekly Saturday Bazaar(market) is hosted for citizens of both countries to participate without immigration restrictions and buy or sell “products” transported into this ambiguous “No Man’s Land”.
Now imagine this uninhabited land is somehow occupied with some sort of production activities and the produced merchandise is transported to an outside capital system: What would happen in the distribution process?
The artist, inspired by her trip to Central Asia in 2010, brings herself to create “Made in No Man’s Land” products in the uninhibited land.

Hurench Revolution

Lotte World, a major amusement park in Korea, offers a roller coaster facility named, “Hurench Revolution”, which is a phonetic spelling for the French Revolution in Korean. Why is this roller coaster named after the French Revolution and how does revolution function in the world of Lotte World?
The artist takes a ride on the roller coaster herself in order to contemplate civil rights as she extensively explores the gaps between Lotte World and real world, France and Korea, and the shockwaves of civil revolutions.


Emerging after ‘Tea Party’ and ‘Coffee Party’ movement, ‘Hot Chocolate Party’ is a movement by the young, known as the generation who lost it before actually having it, as well as the century’s worry, the nation’s distress, and the president’s headache, as an activity of gathering at Starbucks  and consoling the suffering brought onto them by the world with high dose of sugar intakes. Here is a helpful action guide to enjoying free hot chocolate at Starbucks. This is a real deal completed with whipped cream on top. Take this guide to heart, run to the closest Starbucks store,  enjoy your free hot chocolate, and turn yourselves into Bugs at Starbucks.

1. Take a cup or a tumbler to a Starbucks store
2. Go to the Service Station
3. Pour whole milk or low-fat milk into your cup or tumbler and add a generous amount of chocolate powder.
4. Bring the beverage to the counter and ask the barista to warm it up. (Don’t forget to present a discount card and ask for whipped cream on top.)

Shopping Mall

This ethnographic shopping mall carries items as “Made in No Man’s Land” products produced in uninhabited buffer zones on the borders, salt lumps from Salar de Uyuni(the world’s largest salt flat in Bolivia), concrete pieces of the Berlin Wall, I-Doser(a cyber-drug equipment) which native Mexican people crafted with their bare hands for several days in deep mountains.

The Stop

This piece started in the memory of Seoul bus no. 4212 standing in front of El Capitolio( National Capitol Building) during the artist’s stay in Havana, Cuba. For half of the week, this bus just stood in front of El Capitolio building though it would depart on days when it was filled with passengers. Due to United States embargo against Cuba, the country has turned into a grand-scale secondhand vehicle showroom, where the roads are inhabited by used buses from European countries as well as the afore-mentioned no. 4212 bus with Korean destination signs for locations  as Bangbae-dong and Seoul Express Bus Terminal still intact. Their destinations are unreachable locations outside the country. The artist creates unreachable stops in Seoul Bus routes and the buses are operated towards non-existing locations, somewhere between the stops...

Travel Agency

In Delhi, India, there is a place called Kashmir Travel Agency. The sign clearly says ‘travel agency’,
while all the windows are covered with curtains and the front door is locked, blocking the access.
Knocks at the door, and a man comes out to ask what you came for, which you must answer with the secret code.
The code is, “Is this place Kashmir Travel Agency?”
The door opens, finally, to a space where all kinds of grass are laying around,
and travelers from all around the world are scattered across the room, sitting and tripping on their own.
Under the name of ‘Kashmir’, a disputed territory, this place is a spiritual travel agency.
When questioned if it is possible to actually visit Kashmir,
the agent shows a bulky scrapbook full of images of the region.

Far Land

Somebody reached the end of the world, called ‘Far Land’, after over 820 hours of tedious walking.
It is the place where gravity works differently and light goes through the blocks, disturbing the vision.
Where the objects have shapes but no substance.
Where time stretches and system overloads occur, making it impossible to finish the game.
By turning on Task Manager, however, one can still get out of the game.