Katja Novitskova
Born Tallinn (EE), 1984
Nationality EE/NL

RijksakademieOPEN 2014
Beeld 1 / 3   Sculpture, 2014, work in progress

Electronic appliances seem to live a life of their own in Katja Novitskova’s studio, like loud, restless dinosaurs. The artist has created a strange, creepy world using banal items anybody can purchase from DIY stores, pharmacies or childcare websites. By appropriating these everyday things, Novitskova points out how near the exotic really is.
This is the first time that Novitskova has employed moving objects. Previously she mostly used images from the internet. Like a hunter-gatherer she roamed weblogs, YouTube, webshops and websites for stock photographs. She then printed found images of, for example, cute animals onto billboards, re-photographed them and posted them online. Nature and technology coalesced.
Novitskova believes technology is as natural as the human race. Humans are the dominant species, but are nonetheless part of nature. Manmade appliances are constructed from minerals and are therefore natural. Vice versa man is also a machine, a wavering machine. In her work Novitskova attempts to undermine man’s arrogance.