Kubilay Mert Ural
Born Istanbul (TR), 1986
Untitled, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 95 × 98 cm Untitled, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 95 × 98 cm

A question for outer space: Is there any humor out there? Space responds coldly, finitely.

Returning to earth, a perfect shape follows me, steely and cold.

Kubilay Mert Ural has a way of capturing otherworldly images. His videos, installations and paintings function like passages, inviting the viewer to traverse his/our primordial thoughts. The global reality as we know it today is one of confusion and chaos, indistinguishable from a bad dream. Dicey world leaders, post-colonial tensions, the endless abuse of power: these impressions are mixed with moments of absurdity — bondage of a world leader, a defecating ghost, inter-species copulation. In these visual narratives time and space collapse, past and future unfold on a single plane. Looming in the background is often the presence of an unidentified flying object, a hovering question about the eternal desire for mystery, belief systems, and possible answers for humanity. Ural is captivated by such fascinations, as well as consoled by these hypnagogic visions.

And the chaos follows… human after human after human after human

Donkey after horse-baby after horse-monkey after donkey