Maurice van Es
Born Rijnsburg (NL), 1984
Maurice van Es ()
'Extinct animal pixels', 2017, inkjet print on biotop paper
'Testimony I', 2017 - ongoing, film, now 50 minutes
'Rooms of Now book collection', 2013 - ongoing, books of houses in edition of one
'Slow ending - fast ending', 2017, pyramid of clay

A smell can trigger memories, yet as one of the most fleeting of all senses it’s hard to capture a smell.

In 2013 Maurice van Es started to photograph home interiors and the non-valuable valuables in them, with a mundane and modest eye that runs throughout his work. Homeowners are portrayed among their personal belongings - furniture, souvenirs, gifts, clothes - as the interiors become mirrors of their personalities and lives.

The result is an attempt to convey a certain odor around the stuff which personifies one’s existence, an emotional value related to material goods; the small things we collect to make a place feel like home, and the use of photography to channel something as intangible as a smell, feeling or memory. Van Es’s recent projects make a similar use of photography and video to invoke the emotional value around friendships and stages of one’s life. Here too the visual medium of photography captures what eludes the eyes, a witness to seemingly uneventful moments or places, as Van Es’s works frame exactly what the camera cannot frame; the moment one ordinary moment passes to another, in a ceaseless continuation of time.