Müge Yilmaz
Born Istanbul, 1985
Nationality TR

The Water, the Soil, the Jungle, 2016
Future Moist, 2015
A Brief History of Time, 2014
Circle of Necessities (Halay), 2013

Rooms are caves. Houses are people. Mountains are waves. Planets are magnets. But none of these statements are axioms. Understanding that any system of knowledge about the world that is open to experience and observation will always be an incomplete set, Müge Yılmaz’s artistic research is geared towards visualizing an immanent, physical interpretation of reality. In her quest that takes place during the passage of our living conditions from 'biotopia' to 'technotopia', she finds analogies or direct correlations between past, present and future mythologies. She presents the changes that archetypes undergo when translated into various cultures and media, constantly shifting shape but always referring to their origins.