Paul Beumer
Born Amersfoort (NL), 1982
Nationality NL
Watercolour on paper Watercolour on paper Watercolour and ink on paper Watercolour and ink on paper

Paul Beumer’s paintings strike a balance between figuration and abstraction and pay tribute to the principles of the Romantic era. The paintings are created in the same way landscapes are formed: layer upon layer of paint is applied to the canvas until a state of self-assurance and autonomy has been reached. Beumer likes to compare it with the unquestionability of organic crystallization processes taking place in nature.

His new work on paper adheres to the same basic principles but nature has found its way into it in a much more direct way. Beumer produces prints of plant parts, which he mixes with water, dirt, watercolor and ink. It represents a quicker and more spontaneous method of working, with unpredictable results. Most works have been made outside of the studio.