Shen Xin
Born Chengdu (CN), 1990
Warm Spell (digital video, 2018) Warm Spell (digital video, 2018)

Shen’s film and installation work upholds a commitment towards both risk and comfort, where individuals and communities appear across different surfaces as units – and as shifting pronouns that exist within complex socio-political systems. To counter the formation of alternative power structures that can themselves be potentially oppressive, the protagonists are empowered to narrate, speak, and act out their desires, while maintaining the integrity to be inconsistent and discontinuous. Her work uncompromisingly and processually fabricates abstractions of inclusivity and foreignness, forming new ways to be known to others that reflect the complex representational agency of the image.
Shen’s practice is at once confronted with and guided by the synthetic presence of language, via the scripted and the informative.