Simnikiwe Buhlungu                                                                 

b. Johannesburg, ZA

Buhlungu's interest in navigating personal and socio-historical narratives presents itself as a complex web of [re] imagined engagements which are surrounding, but not exclusive to, experiences embedded within the complexity of knowledge production(s) - which are [un]written, [un]spoken, [un]heard and made [in]visible. Through this, her practice begins to develop into moments that pose questions and attempt to provide answers to these ideas. The work has existed in a variety of forms - text, print, video, sonic negotiations and installation in a number of exhibitions, happenings and spaces. She also engages with printed material and publications, their production and dissemination - in conversation with her practice.

Departing from knowledge production as a site of incongrucies, she is interested in
how these moments call for the urgency to self-historicise and ultimately, self-determine. This is further manifested in the use of visual materials and language to activate research as a creative practice and complicates the way in which these methodologies can be used to initiate a visual discourse of noting to self .

Lately, she enjoys listening to gospel music and has been thinking about apiaries.