The Rijksakademie stimulates artistic development and forward-thinking art, working with a global perspective. For over 150 years we have brought together innovative and talented Dutch and international artists, and have invested in the roots of new art forms and movements. Our vision is that art is a crucial factor in an open and innovative society, in which artists question, positively stimulate, inspire and thus enrich lives.

Join us today and support a new generation of artists.

Fellowship for Artists

The generous commitment of our Fellowship-partners represents the Rijksakademie’s most popular philanthropic partnership and is a key source of our annual funds.

A Fellowship is a yearly donation starting at €15,000 directly assigned to one resident position. It is the most direct way to contribute to the development and the career of an artist and a unique way to build up a personal relationship.

Our Fellowship-circle consists of private donors (Trustees), foundations, companies and international partners. With them we work on an active dialogue between the different artist communities in order to contribute to the international exchange and promotion of contemporary art around the world.

For more information about the Fellowship-circle please contact Maria Virto Marcilla, Manager Development or complete our online form.