Arvo Leo at Artis

Rijksakademie alumnus Arvo Leo (RA 17/18) will start his artist residency in ‘de Salmhuisjes’ in ARTIS in September.

The shared history of ARTIS and the Rijksakademie goes back a long way. Since the late nineteenth century, Rijksakademie artists visited the park to draw and ARTIS lent skeletons and live animals for drawing lessons. During the occupation years students even went into hiding in ARTIS. Our 150th anniversary is the perfect moment to tighten the bond and give this long and special relationship a new meaning. Canadian/New Zealand artist Arvo Leo kicks off in our renewed collaboration. For the past decade he has been examining the relationship between humans and other animals. In his new studio near the animals, plants and microbes he will work on various film and sculptural experiments.