Amsterdam Prize

On 26 October, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts presented the annual Amsterdam Prize.

When the nominations were announced this summer, it was already known that alumna Jennifer Tee (RA 00/01) was the only nominated artist in the category 'Proven Quality'. See the AFK website for the jury's consideration:

Jennifer Tee is a multidisciplinary artist who knows how to attractively combine sculpture, performance, installation, photography and prints. She conducts a thorough investigation into the history and social context of her work, a slow and dedicated process of researching and creating. Although Tee's works deal with complex social issues such as colonialism and history, she always manages to maintain her personal voice and refined perspective. Jennifer Tee is interested in investigating intercultural and hybrid identity stories. In this way her work adds a special and meaningful perspective to the contemporary conversation about cultural identity. The jury is very enthusiastic about the consistently high quality of Jennifer Tee's work and the originality of her versatile artistry. We find the special position she occupies both in Amsterdam and in the international art scene admirable. With great conviction and appreciation, the jury therefore awards the prize for proven quality to Jennifer Tee.

Resident Salim Bayri was one of the three nominated artists in the category ‘incentive Prize’, together with singer-songwriter Shishani Vranckx and fashion designer Duran Lantink, who won the prize.

The prize was designed and made this year by Tim Breukers (RA 13/14). His ceramic sculpture 'Skyline Remix' consists of a balancing number of Amsterdam buildings. See Tim's instagram account for the realization of the sculpture.