Call for Applications Rijksakademie Residency 2022 / 2023

The work ‘C.A.R.R.I.E.’ presents the material world from the point of view of contemporary materials science and informs of the latest discoveries in the field of material physics. In this installation video essays are arranged alongside four excerpts from an imaginary science-fiction book on the possibilities of communication with the material world. Artist’s research is divided into four parts, connected with the behaviour and external appearance of material: its size (the nano-scale dimensionality of atoms), structure (crystallography), alterations (ultra-high pressure and low temperature), and behaviour (capacity for self-regeneration and shape memory). They are illustrated by quotations from the novels of Walter Scott and the cinema epic Terminator, as well as depictions of mediaeval Arabian mosaics and examples from video games. The artist portrays the world of materials anthropomorphically, with the materials themselves taking the role of heroes in a contemporary drama. A special place is taken in this work by text as a format of communication between the human and non-human, between the intellect and the subatomic world. Science fiction thus becomes the interface between visible and invisible materials, and a means for the articulation of both scientific knowledge and religious perspectives. By way of example, op-ed questions posed by the main character from the series Sex and the City are presented in the form of algorithms describing the behaviour of materials. Subatomic relationships and the factors behind the existence of certain materials and processes come across as a portrayal of mass culture.

Residents, Guests, Advisors