Call for Applications Rijksakademie Residency 2022 / 2023

Work in progress, trailer, full version screening June 17-27 in studio 12 (A78 & A80)

‘But this was later, when they already had a name for us’ is a diptych positioning home footage shot in the 1990s’ Russia alongside a portrait of my mother and her Russian friends, all of whom had migrated to The Netherlands when the fall of the USSR signalled a turning point in their personal lives.

While the first part ends inevitably, the second one loops, mimicking the pace of oral histories retold while making lamp shades for the nearby factory, our first side job upon moving to The Netherlands. Tales of cross-border suitcase trading in the 1990s, the first wave of online dating in 2000s and present day dealing with Dutch institutions as a migrant surface, as this all-female support network continues to operate.

Residents, Guests, Advisors