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Rijksakademie Trust Fund Jaarverslag 2020

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  • filmstill On this side of the track_2020.jpg
    • On this side of the track, [31:20 min], 2020, film stills, Roma and Romnja talk about living in Dortmund’s northern city. They tell of their traditions and of their experiences with racist prejudice and discrimination. The camera follows their perspectives, showing the facades and peering behind them. In which ways do the spatial structure of the district, the architecture and individual living influence each other? How do the residents furnish themselves in their neighbourhood? How do they want it? And do they finally succeed in shaping their environment according to their own needs?
  • Filmstill Corona Rebels_2020.jpg
    • Corona Rebels, [48:28 min], 2020, film stills, Since spring 2020, more and more people with different political backgrounds have been demonstrating every week against the official sanctions to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The “Corona Rebels”, for example, consider themselves defenders of civil liberty and reject masks and compulsory vaccinations. Instead, they trust in the healing powers of nature and alternative medicine. As a form of protest they use meditation, which they see as an alternative to escalation. From the very beginning, not only esoterics and fans of Jesus, Gandhi and Mandela have been present at their rallies, but also conspiracy ideologists and right-wing extremists. The German imperial war flag is waving beside the rainbow flag; hippies in colourful robes dance barefoot next to black dressed neo-Nazis. What does concern for oneself, freedom and social responsibility mean to them? What unites them, what drives them, how do they organise themselves? Who are they allying themselves with? How democratic are they, what kind of political system do they want? And what role do QAnon and the “Reichsbürger” movement play?
  • 2. Casting.jpg
    • Casting, 2020, live performance, duration 72 hours; sculptural installation, river sand, wood, copper, feather, 64x90 cm. Photography Gordon Meuleman
  • Jon McKenzie, 2020.png
    • Jon McKenzie, 2020
  • Nicholas Grafia and Mikołaj Sobczak-Rooms-performance-2020-commissioned by Biennale Zielona Góra 2020-Credits Paweł Janczaruk-courtesy of the artists.jpg
    • "Rooms", with Nicholas Grafia, 2020, performance, Credits:
  • Mikolaj Sobczak-Unburried-2020-watercolor on paper.tif
    • "Unburied Gogol", 2021, watercolour on paper
  • Manu2020full.jpg
  • Performance at project Space Nieuw en Meer, Aargh Grrr Hmpff, 2020 Curated by Lydia Schouten.jpg
    • Performance at project Space Nieuw en Meer “Aargh Grrr Hmpff” 2020. Curated by Lydia Schouten
  • Rijksakademie_jaarverslag_2020_def.pdf
    • Rijksakademie Jaarverslag 2020
  • ANBI Publicatieform. TF 2020 (volledig).pdf
    • ANBI TF 2020
  • ANBI Publicatieform. RABK 2020 (volledig).pdf
    • ANBI RABK 2020
  • Rijksakademie Trust Fund_jaarverslag_2020_def.pdf
    • Rijksakademie Trust Fund Jaarverslag 2020
  • Internalopen.jpg
    • Internal Open Studios
  • 2020_1SDD.JPG
  • Özgür Kar.png
    • a guy under the influence, 2020 Two 4K videos with sound, 35 mins loop Two 75” TVs, Wall Brackets, Media players, Cord-reel
  • 2020_internalopen03.JPG
    • Internal Open Studios