Red Door Project

How will we meet again?

Urban thinker Gabriella Gomez-Mont and artist Antonio Vega Macotela (RA 11/12) are currently Rijksakademie in residence in one of the houses abutting the Oude Kerk.

In their Red Door Project – which refers to the red door of the house – they take the Oude Kerk as epicentre and starting point to host a series of transdisciplinary conversations in order to open a discussion, exploring with others new ways of imagining and reuniting in a post-pandemic and racialised world.

With Amsterdam as its backdrop, the project allows them to explore how art spills over into other areas of knowledge, influencing urban and social reality in different ways, connecting to other actors and spheres in the city, and beyond.

More details on the specific programmes will be announced soon.

The Red Door Project is part of the Education from Below programme, and the residency is realised with the support of the Oude Kerk.

Public Programme

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