Media lab

The media lab offers the possibility to work and experiment with a broad range of digital and analogue media such as photography, film, video, sound, 3D, electronics and physical computing. It consists of a workshop and several facilities, most of which are accessible 24/7. In the facilities it is possible to shoot videos and photos, work with natural and artificial light, chroma keying, record sound in high quality, 2D and 3D scanning, video and sound editing, 3D modelling, and more. The equipment desk provides all kinds of A/V tools, such as video and photo cameras, audio equipment, light and presentation gear.

Technical specialist

José Miguel Biscaya

Facilities (A/V, Photography, 3D)
Video Editing4x Editing Suites / Hardware: iMacPro, dual screen, sound monitors. Software: Final Cut Pro X / Adobe CC, Logic Pro X, etc…
Sound Studio1x Sound Studio with a recording booth and control room / Hardware: iMac, professional sound interface, sound monitors. Software: Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, etc…
Daylight StudioArchitecture enables natural diffused light, suited for reproductions, portraits, photography, video shooting
Artificial Light StudioBig limbo wall, can be painted (e.g.: white or in chroma green), 2x diffused LED light fixtures (RGB), 4x back lights LED (RGB), DMX control panel, 2x 1000W focusable spot lights, ceiling rig, etc… suited for many kinds of studio photo- and video shooting, green-screen, 3D scanning, etc..
Photographic Development (analogue)B/W & Color dark room
Computer Area3x iMacs with Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign), Flatbed scanners (Epson), Laser printer, best suited for digital photography post-production, computer work, internet
3D workstationNVIDIA M6000, 3D modeling software, VR, etc…
AudioField-recorders, many types of mics, tape recorders, mixers, PA speakers, active speakers, headphones, amplifiers, etc…
ProjectorsHD video projectors
LCD Monitors ProfessionalUHD 50”, Full HD 32” and 40”
CamerasBlackmagic miniURSA EF 4,6K, Blackmagic Pocket 6K, Sony NX80, GoPro, etc…
AccessoriesGimbal, light, tripods, backdrops, stands, etc…
AV RackDigitise analogue formats such as VHS, SVHS (NTSC/ PAL/ SECAM). Capture miniDV, HDV, DVD, Blue ray.
Media-playersBrightsign 4K, Dulltech, Asus, etc…
ComputersVarious Mac Mini computers (2012 & 2019), Macbook 13”, iPad
Computer AccessoriesWacom Tablet, mice, keyboards, LCD monitors, CD writers, etc…
Cameras (digital)Full-frame DSLR (e.g.: Canon 5D markIII, IV), full-frame system cameras (e.g.: Sony A7RMKIII), system cameras (e.g.: Panasonic GH5), compact cameras
Cameras (analogue)35mm SLR, Mid-format camera (4,5 x 6 cm, 6 x 6 cm, 6 x 7cm), View camera 4/5”, Large-format camera
Scanners Epson flatbed scanners(A4, A3), Imacon Pos./Neg. Scanner 35mm up to 4/5”
AccessoriesFlashlights, tripods, backdrops, tents, stands
Film CameraArriflex 16mm
Projectors (analogue)35mm slide projectors (carrousel), 8mm and 16mm projectors (film)
3D ScannerShinning 3D EinScan Pro Handheld 3D scanner, Photogrammetry, iPad iSense
3D PrinterPrusa i3 3D printer
VR SetHTC Vive
Motion CaptureNeural Perception Suit, Full body and facial motion capture software

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