Yun Choi

KR, 1989
  • resident
    • 2021 – 2023

From public places and popular media, Yun Choi (she/her/hers) captures, compiles scenes that create a social climate, and repurposes them for her videos combined with mixed media installations, and performances. Choi is particularly interested in looking at what pedestrian, banal and stereotypical images, words, and behaviors of the society around her imply, she specifically focuses on the collective belief, fantasy, and habits. Her practice looks into the absurd emotional conflict caused by overlapping and lagging timelines of the rapidly developing society and its historical oppressions; the complex sensations of alienation, awkwardness, and attachment are essential aspects. She uses and explores various methods, such as mimicking, accumulating contemporary byproducts and residues, and transforming them into variant masses of the medium while oscillating between the digital and corporeal realms. Choi aims to dissolve the boundaries of conventional/colonial perspectives by eliciting feelings of disorientation, shapeshifting into multibody beings, and inviting sincere superstitious beliefs.

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