Supporting the European International

An artist-to-artist aid for the Kyiv Biennial

In 2018, Ukrainian curator Vasyl Cherepanyn (director of the Visual Culture Research Center in Kyiv) organised The European International, a 2018 exhibition for the Forum on European Culture that asked: can international solidarity be created through art?

In response to this call, artists, graphic designers, and art professionals who participated in The European International, together with the Rijksakademie and De Balie, have come together to answer this question in the form of an artist-to-artist aid package on behalf of Vasyl and his colleagues at the Kyiv Biennial's Emergency Support Initiative.

You can support this effort by purchasing artworks donated by the artists--all proceeds will go directly to help those remaining in Ukraine or relocating abroad to fulfil their basic needs. Please go to the website or donate directly to the Kyiv Biennial's Emergency Support Initiative.