Julia Janssen

  • guest resident
    • 2023


Julia Janssen is an artist who researches the influence of digitalisation on our physical world. She makes the challenges of data, AI and technology tangible in interactive and performative installations. How do we deal with fairness, equality, autonomy, freedom and democracy in a data-driven society? Her research methods connect social, political, economic, and legal issues with art and design. She’s creating a universal language to make technology a more accessible topic and to talk beyond ‘privacy concerns and have or haven’t anything to hide. Studio Julia Janssen creates movement. Not towards privacy– but towards a digital society where you can decide who knows what about you. Making the internet a better place for everyone.

Janssen studied Graphic Design at the ArtEZ Institute of Arts, Arnhem (2012-2016). Directly after, she started Studio Julia Janssen, dedicated to the implications of data and technology. In 2017 she got a grant for Talent Development from Creative Fund NL and a grant for the empowerment of the Internet user by the SIDN fund. Over the years, she created several projects; The Attention Fair (2018), One Click/0.0146 seconds (2019), Why :i:like Green (2020) and Non-discrimination by design (2021), commissioned by the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations. This year she developed a new installation for Lowlands Festival 2022: Dear data, how do you decide my future. An interactive installation about the decision-making process of algorithms - and why this process is not neutral. 

Julia Janssen gives lectures and panels at national and international conferences. She is a regular guest on the radio, television or podcasts to share a new project, reflect on current developments or discuss data and AI. She exhibits her work at political, social and cultural events. From the Social-Economic council or Data Protection Authority. To Into the great wide open festival and  Saloné del Mobile Milan. 

Since this year, Janssen is the ambassador of the Dutch Data Protection Foundation (Stichting Data Bescherming Nederland) to represent them in a mass claim against Twitter. For the past year, she secretly worked on the campaign ‘Je staat te koop’ to create awareness of the impact of illegal data trading and to support this lawsuit.


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