Takanori Suzuki

JP, 1983
  • resident
    • 2020 – 2022

Takanori Suzuki examines the structural similarities between the ever-accelerating evolution of contemporary society and art's continuous search for newness in artistic expression from its birth to the present. Suzuki attempts to reinterpret the world we live in and what art is through the events that emerge when he presents personal experiences and micro matters that occur in his daily life in macro spaces such as the exhibition space and the street.

While thoughtfully utilizing everything that exists in the world, including video, drawings, and discarded objects, he also improvises with what is around him, and makes extensive use of coincidence, resulting in a unique approach that differs from one exhibition to the next. His complex expression, which is a mixture of light, humorous poetics and critical elements that intentionally lead viewers to misunderstandings, visualizes contemporary society.

Representative work is "Missing Canvas Project," a work in which he attempts to communicate with the thief through the fence after a huge, canvas he installed on the fence was stolen a few days later.

To the Farthest One" is a video installation that mourning the deceased who used to live there, inspired by the traces of a house in the countryside where he moved.

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