Razia Barsatie

SR, 1982

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Artist statement

Razia Barsatie is a Hindu (Islam) born in 1982 in Paramaribo Suriname. She is a primary nursery teacher. After graduating from Nola Hatterman Art Academy (NHAA) in 2004, she was selected for a permanent scholarship at the Rietveld academy, which had met with the NHAA, which she successfully completed for 4 years. After her graduation in 2012, she traveled to Suriname to share her knowledge of how to wear the students of the NHAA. Since 2012, Barsatie has organised not only as a teacher, but also as a female artist her Solo exhibition called “Anxious”, continued in group exhibition “Zuiver” participated in New Dakota in the Netherlands, as an actress for examples in the play “Breathe” and as artist in the Living Art Show celebrating 180 years of Theater Thalia, where she produced the work “reincarnation” with two young artists Jona Giovanny and Overdo Berghout. There was also an exhibition associated with this event where Barsatie showed her video arts with her doodles.

Due to her strong perseverance as one of the few female artists she is more often invited to Residences: Art in Residence in Moengo in Suriname, Thamy Mnyele Foundation Award in Amsterdam and the Caribbean Linked III Atelier '89 in Aruba.

Barsatie works varied. Her specialisation is a combination with Art installations in Public space, video installation, fragrance installation. The last fragrance installation is Barsatie's research and development to art not only to look, but also to feel, smell, remember to taste, in short, very taught the stimulation of all senses. Her research into the scent is “how can I keep the fragrance sustainable and in which material is it best”?

The fragrance is processed with herbs that come from its Hindustani culture.

Her work is inspired by the daily lifestyle of the Hindu culture, where she makes the taboo in Hindu culture open for discussion. They define this “problem” as the basic problem, in which there is a cultural and moral fear within the Hindu community that is considered commonplace. As a female artist, her knowledge in Art and Culture is her strong point to change this everyday moral lifestyle with a broader perspective.

An explanation of my work by my mentor

Amsterdam, May 12th, 2017
To whom it may concern,

Razia Barsatie is an observant artist and has a natural instinct for imagery in relation to the topics at stake. The preciseness of her work, and ease with which she develops it, is the result of a focused and organic working process, as if she is following a hidden execution plan. Her imaginative style of thinking enables her to deal with a personal mix of content in a way that is un-compromising, strong and at times radical and confrontational. With a strange, full hearted vulnerability, she seduces the viewer to get involved in and accept her re-interpretations and haunting cross-references in the so- called “surrounding world” through narratives which include the heritage of her Caribbean background.

In doing so she is not at all dogmatic; a strange mix of the “personal”, dealing with cultural heritage issues in a very sophisticated manner and intuitive (at times almost rational) decisions share a place in her work and merge into an exciting amalgam.

The use of uncommon media such as the f.e. the smell of spices and herbs, the ritual of doing laundry etc. tend to appeal strongly on the subconscious. They create roads by which the onlooker of her work is pulled in by their non- linguistic status and hit therefore more intense after some time. Time and its understanding as the revealer of meaning is a strong asset of Barsatie, her calmness and engaging manner of working allows you to linger and dream, to the field and moments where real meaning comes in.

Roos Theuws (visual artist)

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