Will & Bequests

When great talent lacks the essential encouragement and support it needs to develop and blossom, an important part of our future cultural heritage is lost. Would Berlage have become Berlage had he not been at the Rijksakademie? Mondriaan? Constant? Karel Appel? Or more recent Jennifer Tee, Ryan Gander and Femke Herregraven? Each was given the opportunity to develop their artistic talents by the Rijksakademie. 

You can make a lasting contribution to ensure the Rijksakademie can continue this important work whatever the future may hold. You can do this through a bequest, an inheritance or a Named Fund. 

If you would like to find out more about the possibilities, please contact María Virto Marcilla, Manager Development.


For over 150 years, the Rijksakademie has played a pivotal role in accelerating artists careers and enriching our lives with groundbreaking art. We continue to champion the role of artists in today’s society and to reimagine the transformative power of art.

Join us today to support a new generation of artists.