Sands Murray-Wassink / Gift Science Archive

  • guest resident
    • 2019 – 2021

Artist statement

Gift Science Archive is an 18-month durational performance happening at the Rijksakademie van beeldende Kunsten, where Sands Murray-Wassink is a guest resident through April 2021. For the performance Murray-Wassink and collaborators Megan Hoetger (Curator, If I Can’t Dance), Radna Rumping (independent curator and editor), and Amalia Calderón (storyteller and graduate student in Artistic Research) are digging, ordering, and archiving the full inventory of the artist’s expansive, multimedia 25-year studio practice. As part of the durational performance the artist and collaborators will be holding various gatherings (process events, archiving marathons and research exchanges), which invite members of Amsterdam’s diverse communities into the studio-archive depot to join them in conversation, as well as in the material process of cataloging—because building a performance archive founded upon feminist ideas of collective authorship means opening up archiving systems and history-making processes to as many as different voices and perspectives as possible.

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