Lili Huston-Herterich

US/CA, 1988
  • resident
    • 2023 – 2024

Lili Huston-Herterich has a situated practice both materially and conceptually: she works with what she is in close vicinity to in order to develop a dialogue from her current position historically, geographically, and economically. She is conscious of her role as a maker in a cultural context of excess, and uses capitalist culture's flotsam and jetsam to create work that reflects a dependency on her present.

Her studio practice focuses on personal and political lineages of information – specifically on improvisational and dialogue-based methods of knowledge transmission. She is currently working towards new work that tells a story of Peg Miller, an American artist who lived in a bank building in Spring Green, Wisconsin for the last thirty years of her life. In this process, she is employing scriptwriting that departs from interview transcriptions, quiltmaking, video production, and puppetry.

Often historically used to share dissident stories, puppetry is used in the video work The Treasury to perform a collective recollection of an artist who survived addiction and made her own economy. A small history becomes a portrait of both an artists’ life and the disturbance of a financial institution’s transition. The Treasury is a memorial for a joyful misuse of space.


My work does not exist in a vacuum; it relies on many contexts, people, resources, and otherwise to persist. This is an unfinished list of those who I was/am dependent on in the process of making artistic work.

Asa Derks, cinematographer in Spring Green
Julia van Dijck, quilt-making accomplice
Julia Dahee Hong, production manager, The Treasury
Glorya Avgust, puppeteer, The Treasury
Kotryna Buruckaitė, puppeteer, The Treasury
Rick Geene, puppeteer, The Treasury
Kyle Tryhorn, puppeteer, The Treasury
Bonnie Allen, interviewee, The Treasury
Sally Jacobsen, interviewee, The Treasury
Paula Washow, interviewee, The Treasury
Dave Owens, interviewee, The Treasury
Joan Zieger, interviewee, The Treasury
Karin Miller, Spring Green General Store
Megan Bond, Spring Green Public Library
Reunion Restaurant in Spring Green
Mauricio van Der Maesen de Sombreff, technical support, The Treasury
Caetano, technical support
Yael Davids, voiceover, The Treasury
Taylor Lemelle, writing support
Reyhan Lál, puppetry partner
Timo Demollin, text support
Mariana Aboim, ultimate support
Fellow residents at Rijksakademie, feedback and emotional support

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