Nora Aurrekoetxea Etxebarria

ES, 1989
  • resident
    • 2023 – 2024

my studio based practice departs from a sculptural way of building  installations
as a relational space, 
a system where unpredicted dialogues happen in interdependency between

and bodies
creating layers of meaning
where everything alters and interrelates with each other
                                being the instability of narratives
                                             the structure of it.

leading workshops and text based exercises allow me to reach a horizontal and collaborative way of  sharing, questioning  and experimenting with language within a particular group as a methodology.

I am particularly intrigued by questions related to emotional aspects of human interactions in the intimate sphere, 
love and desire. I use experiences in an auto-ethnographical way as a raw material to explore the personal and the collective with wider cultural, political and social meanings.

I depart unexpectedly from
a life event
a love letter
a fetish
an intuition 
a desire

I develop the work through its materiality and form,  
                      trying to reach its own autonomy,
following the process and embracing the accident, 
even if the narrative emerges later or in parallel. 

I often choose objects related to the body, or with the absence of it,
looking for tension and balance between hard, quotidian building materials and delicate, intimate ones 

       concrete and velvet fabric
       dried flowers on rusty metal

linguistic, material and relational aspects force encounters and / or mismatches between the experiential and emotional  and the physical and the objectual

an inner tension emerges in this process

        a thing that is still being born and is only recognisable
by an active listening of the making

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